It is a worldwide thing you know

One of the things that is interesting about the campaign for Equal Marriage is that it appears to be an idea whose time has come internationally not simply here in Scotland.

Here’s how it looks in Australia:

Don’t forget if you want to make a response to the Scottish Government’s consultation, one of the easiest ways is though the Equality Network’s website. You can make a response from outside Scotland too. After all, Scotland has a really high incidence of people travelling to get married here from beyond our borders. About 20% of all marriages in Scotland involve at least one partner not resident in Scotland.


  1. Brian says

    I am an Australian (and a Christian) and would be thrilled to marry my partner. But I am pessimistic that our convoluted national politics will allow it.

    • Keep the faith, Brian. The world keeps turning. It isn’t that long ago that such a possibliity was unimaginable, even for most of those of us who now look more eagerly for change. Now it merely seems a difficult goal to attain. Such change already and so quickly! Don’t lose heart.

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