I did enjoy the end of season Rev. on the tellybox last night. It was the best of the series, I think.

Last night’s episode was not available on BBC2 in Scotland but was on BBC HD – I think it is being screened on BBC2 on Sunday night so some people still have to catch up with it either there or on iplayer.

I found myself at first thinking that I recognised all the characters from my dealings in the church. By the end I found that I recognised most of them from different periods of my own life and ministry.

Last night’s episode managed perfectly to catch the elements of ambition and vocation and hope that whirl around churches and those who work in them. So much sadness and bitterness and disappointment dancing in perfect rhythm with the insane, cruel hopes and dreams that we believe, actually dare to believe, against all the odds, are our destiny.

Tragedy is the stuff that comedy is made out of, you know.

And resurrection.

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