Thought for the Day

It isn’t every year that the St Mary’s Carol Service (7.30 pm on Thursday, don’t be late it gets busy) gets a mention on prime time Radio Scotland, but we did this year.

This morning’s Thought for the Day was being done by Dr Amanullah De Sondy who is going to be giving a reading from the Qur’an tomorrow evening as part of our Christmas celebrations. He mentioned that this morning in his Thought.

You can see the full text over on his blog:


  1. Can you provide an indication of when in the programme this Thought for the Day was broadcast, so it can be listened to on iPlayer. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Found it between 1:23:00 and 1:25:10 (at around 07:23)

  3. Kennedy says

    Usually a wee bit earlier, between 20 and 25 past seven.

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