One of the nice things about being in a church like St Mary’s at Christmas is that we can keep the little festivals known as the Companions of Christ. I celebrated a mass yesterday for St John and was pleased to see more than a dozen folk out. It has made such a difference moving midweek celebrations to the sanctuary again.

After yesterday’s Johannine celebrations there was then an impromptu roon-aboot-tourie-matansie looking for John in the windows. Here he is with John his son. (Well, here he is, if you are prepared to accept that John the Apostle is the same person as John the Divine that is, and that you might well not be prepared to do).

Anyway, the whole exploration was worth it for the discovery that we have a representation of Zebedee. see the picture above. (John is, as ever, the cute one).


  1. Zebadee says

    Very lifelike

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