Online Evening Prayer

I’ll be leading Evening Prayer this evening at 5 pm in a Google Hangout.

If you want to join in you need to have a Google+ account (which is free) and a webcam. Those who wear headphones offer a blessing to all the others.

Here’s the liturgy and the instructions.

EP Incarnation Saturday 7 January 2012

If you want to join in you need to sign in to Google+ and then go to this page and add it to your circles:
Then add that page to one of your circles.

Those who’ve participated before, please note the new page link – it is different to last time.


  1. Tracey says

    I need to get a webcam!

  2. Would be good to see you there, Tracey!

  3. Steven says

    Hi Kelvin

    When I click on the link and then try to “join Google+” it says “Google+ is not available for your organisation.”

    Any clue what I have to do?



    • You should be able to simply sign up for a google account and then join google+ from there.

      I’ve not heard of it not being available for an organisation.

      • I think it is because the google account you are trying to use is derived from a Google Apps package. (Does your work provide you with it).

        If you sign up for another, independent google account, you should be OK, I think.

        I’ve a work related google account and a private one. You may need the same.

  4. Steven says

    Hi Kelvin

    Thanks for the tip.

    Yes, I got it sorted now and will join in the next EP if possible.

    I would also be interested in a bible study if that were ever on the cards?




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