Guided Tour?

Tomorrow (Saturday) morning I’m doing a guided tour of St Mary’s followed by a cup of tea and a blether about the place. It is free and is open to anyone – folk who have been around a while and folk trying out the congregation and wanting to hear a bit more about it.

It can work in a number of ways. I’m happy for it to be just a guided tour for some but also happy for it to work as a Welcome event for others. It will also allow me the chance to have a chat with a few people and try to say something about what I think the ethos of St Mary’s is and where I think the congregation is going over the next couple of years.

If you want to come, you can. It is free. If you can let the Cathedral Office know today that you are coming, all the better, but you are welcome just to turn up tomorrow morning. Either come and join in Morning Prayer at 0930 or come at 10 am for the start of the tour.

Folk from other tabernacles welcome too.

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