Yes to Communion; No to Covenant

In my last post, I said that the message from Glasgow and Galloway was very clear indeed….”We don’t want the Covenant. We do want the Communion.”

I’m very pleased to see the No to the Covenant campaign rallying around the slogan…”Yes to Communion; No to Covenant”.

We’ve got a job to do in Scotland you see, articulating and unpacking that message and coming up with some answers. I suspect we need to allow ourselves to wallow in the knowledge that we love the communion for a bit. But then, we’ve a leading role to play in talking about what comes next when the Covenant fails. After all, the Archbishop of Canterbury has made the mistake of asserting that it is the only game in town and will be very poorly placed to come up with new proposals when it falls.


  1. Roger Mortimer says

    Very effective slogan.

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