Pilgrimage Tomorrow

We’ve a Diocesan Pilgrimage Day tomorrow at St Mary’s. This time it is primarily for those in the Glasgow and Lanarkshire areas. (Mind you, if anyone from another area wants to slip in under the radar tomorrow, they’ll be welcomed with open arms and not cast off into the nether darkness – we’re like that round here).

There are more details on the website, so I don’t need to go over all the information here. All I need to do now is remind people that it is taking place, it is tomorrow and that it is OK to decide to turn up at the last minute. If you know that you are coming then do let the office know if you can today.

Oh, and it is open to St Mary’s folk too. Several have asked me whether they could come to their own church on pilgrimage or whether this was just for the diocese. Well, we are part of the diocese and indeed the invitation is very much open to regulars at St Mary’s. There is a lot going in during the day. My guided tour on the great sacramental themes of the church, a visit to a local mosque for some, information about how the churches can get involved in the Commonwealth Games for others, a spirituality workshop, a contextual bible study for those so inclined and worship with Bishop Gregor at the end.

Of course, pilgrimage is never about the final destination, it is always just as much about the journey together and the people you meet on the way. Inevitably you get to spend time with other pilgrims as part of the day, meeting new friends and learning m0re about the diocese and the things that link us together.

The first of these pilgrimage days took place a few weeks ago and was a roaring success – one of the best cathedral-diocese ministry events I’ve been involved in and great fun too.

Oh, and if you happen to be reading this as someone interested in what happens at St Mary’s but who doesn’t actually do much turning up on a Sunday, the pilgrimage is open to you too. Atheists, sceptics and fellow travellers from different traditions are all welcome on a day like this, just as they always have been on pilgrimages through the ages.

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