Length of Lent

If you ask me, Lent is too long and Advent too short.

Solution – take a week off Lent and add it to Advent.



  1. annie t says

    I didn’t ask, but will now as I am intrigued. Why do you wish to shorten the lengthening season and transfer its days to Advent, Kelvin? Why does the former feel too long?

  2. Margaret of the Sea of Galilee says

    But then we wouldn’t have enough time for the Annual Lenten Nervous Breakdown and the subsequent Annual Throwing of Everything to the Four Winds for a few days to be followed by the Annual Lenten Recovery associated with the Annual Renewal of Understanding of God’s Infinite Forgiveness!

  3. Elizabeth says

    Oh yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Can we pilot this excellent suggestion at St M’s next year?

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