Diocesan Pilgrimage Days

Just to say that the last of the Diocesan Pilgrimage Days is on Saturday. I heard on Tuesday that there are a number of minibuses coming up from Galloway. It is just as well that I heard about it as we hadn’t been notified of anyone coming at all from down there and were wondering whether the day was feasible.

However, we should have had faith. There’s definitely a constituency and it will be a delight to welcome the furthest pilgrims from around the diocese. The two days that we have had so far have been wonderful and seem to have done what I was hoping to do. Cathedrals can be all kinds of things, but one of the things they can be is places of teaching, hospitality and renewal and that ought to be the hope on a day like this.

One of the churches in this area couldn’t come last week and they’ve asked if they can come this Saturday and of course, I’ve said yes. Indeed, I’d be very happy to see anyone who has missed out so far.

If you would like to come on the pilgrimage then you would be welcome on Saturday, no matter what church you belong to and indeed if you don’t belong to any church at all. Please let the office know by filling in this form if you are planning to come.

The interfaith visit that we can offer this week is the local Hindu Mandir. On the last couple of Pilgrimage Days, the Mosque has been the most popular afternoon activity. Unfortunately we can’t go there this week, but the Hindu Mandir is on offer. It is a fantastic place to visit I think. Very hospitable and the most interesting building to compare to a place like St Mary’s. (There are lots of things which are similar). The Vice Provost can help arrange visits to other local interfaith places for another time, including the Mosque. We had a great interfaith walk around the West End a while ago and I think the plan is to do that again. There’s no reason why that should not be a diocesan invitation too, I suspect.

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