Virtual Church in the Academy

Got a theology gig tonight. Anne Tomlinson and I are in discussion and debate as part of the Church in the Academy series at the University of Glasgow’s theology faculty. I can’t remember whether it is a 5 pm or a 5.30pm start, but I’ll be there in plenty of time.

We are going to be talking about some of the issues that arise from the new opportunities (and dangers) that new online technology has brought to us. Is virtual church a possibility? How physical does worship necessarily need to be? Has the internet changed everything, even the way we think about mission and ministry? At leasst, I think that is what we are talking about.

I might well haul out the Eucalyptus-Anaglypta Conundrum to get us thinking. See here and here.

I don’t know where the conversation is going to end up. I do know for sure that it will be interesting.


  1. Would like to be there — it’s a topic of great interest to me — but Margaret’s just arriving back from York about then, and it’s also our usual Night Out night (and I’m not sure a Church and Academy conversation qualifies). I hope you and Anne stir up some provocative complications!

  2. Have a wonderful evening, and we shall eagerly hope for a blog to enlighten us, the ‘unwilling-absentees’

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