Gay Booklist

Several people have recently asked me for suggestions for some affirming reading material for lesbian and gay Christians and more generally for anyone wanting to find material to help them think around the topic.

I published a list a couple of years ago. Here’s the link:

There’s more stuff coming out (so to speak) all the time, but that list still does for starters.


  1. Liam Beadle says

    How about Michael Vasey’s ‘Strangers and Friends’?

  2. I’d highly recommend “What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality” by Helminiak (a RC priest who currently teaches in a psychology department, if I’m remembering correctly) and “Jesus, the Bible, & Homosexuality” by Jack Rogers, who was at one point the moderator of the PC(USA) (they have a very similar theology and church structure as the Church of Scotland). I find that Rogers’ book is especially helpful for those coming from a more conservative background (theologically speaking).

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