Military Reunion Videos

One of the following two videos strikes me as being dangerously near to being a little too slick and unctuous for its own good. The other, meanwhile, is the real deal.

Guess which…

(Tip of the Biretta to Daniel Williams for pointing me towards the second)


  1. Susan Sheppard Hedges says

    Yes, the first one is a little too well produced.

    Such sweet doggies in the second!!!

  2. agatha says

    I’m imagining the cat version: disdainful look; “have you been away? my food bowl’s empty” miaow; walks off.

  3. Having enjoyed the doggie reunions video very much, Opal the Cat wishes to say that he hasn’t looked at his food dish once since I got back here tonight, nose rubbing, tummy tickling, head butting and general joyous ‘glad to see you’ stuff for a couple of hours, then an interesting video, followed by a companionable sleep on the table – on my hand ….

  4. Zebadee says

    I know someone who ,when he was young, used to get a similar reception from a boxer dog called Tess

  5. Brother David says

    Yes, the first one is neatly packaged, but it appears to be a commercial, not home videos.

    Sorry, but it doesn’t take returning from a tour of duty for dogs to act this way, just go to the grocery store for 30 minutes and dogs will behave the same over-the-top way!

  6. Craig Nelson says

    Some of the dogs are bigger than the humans

  7. Brother David says

    In case no one saw it, here’s video number one in real life;

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