Can I suggest that you all head over to Dieter Philippi’s webpage today to have a look at his post on the difference between the Spanish Pompom and the Italian Pompom.

(Yes, we are talking birettas here and Herr Philippi is the expert).


I’ve been a fan of the Philippi collection for years.

Note the alternative spelling of pompon.


  1. Outstanding! As soon as our nurses resume the wearing of those funny paper wimple style hats, I’ll be donning a coif. Or maybe something Assyrian.
    A wonderful Friday treat – thank you!

  2. Margaret of the Sea of Galilee says

    There is also the Domus Birettarum blog.

  3. Agatha says

    What’s wrong with two circles of cardboard and a ball of wool? Does no-one maintain traditional values these days?

  4. Is there anyone anywhere these days wearing the Lancelot Andrewes hat??

  5. Ooh, Italian one is coolest (bigger is surely better, pompom-wise?)

  6. Zebadee says

    Has this anything to do with the ‘Hat Shaped Cloud’ seen over Japan? Details can be seen on the BBC Web.

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