Scotland says “I do!”

News is just getting to me regarding the news that the Scottish Government has said that it will indeed legislate for gay couples to get hitched.

I can’t help but feel immensely proud of all those who have come on board and made this the most positive campaign that I’ve ever been a part of.

Scotland’s head can be proudly held up high.

Several years ago, I took the decision that campaigning  on these issues within the church was not a terribly productive pursuit. Generally speaking most of my work in this area in recent years has been looking towards a change in the law. Quite a few of my friends thought I was mad. Many people thought it would come but not in my lifetime. I always believed this was possible within the lifetime of this Scottish parliament.

The focus will turn to the churches soon. They will each have their own decision making process to follow. The key thing for me is that no-one in the Scottish Episcopal Church should be forced to act against their conscience – one way or the other. We’ve lived with different views on the marriage of divorcees for long enough now to know pretty well how we might proceed peaceably.

There’s a lot more that I will say about all this later but for now, a great well done to all concerned.

(oh, and by the way, Vacancy: Husband. All reasonable offers considered).


  1. Susan Sheppard Hedges says


  2. The best news I’ve had all year.

  3. Thanks, Fr. Kelvin, for your most informative blog. This is surely Good News (Gospel!) about the Scottish Parliament’s decision to bring equity to LGBT couples who want to commit themselves to the dignity of Civil Marriage. It would be interesting if Scotland beat England on this important issue.

    Thanks, too, for your lively description of the Number 10 Garden Party. What a turnaround for the Tories – to admit their need of aggiornamento on the issue of its Gay and Lesbian membership! Keep on blogging the Gospel.

    Agape, Fr.Ron – ACANZP

  4. Brother David says

    Here’s to hoping that your Blue Prince comes along and fills the vacancy!

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