Stained Beauty?


Have I ever said out loud that generally speaking, I think stained glass is one of the more over-rated art forms….?


  1. Susan Sheppard Hedges says

    I feel the same way about Liturgical Dance. . .

    • Margaret of the Sea of Galilee says

      Liturgical dance is in a class of its own and doesn’t even deserve to be a Proper Noun in capitals

      • Susan Sheppard Hedges says

        Well yes Margaret, but they were snarky capital letters. Perhaps I should have used quotation marks instead.

  2. At best, stained glass is glorious. At worst, it keeps out the rain. Liturgical dance, hmmm…..?

  3. Rosemary Hannah says

    Stained glass is a demanding form and either reaches stunning heights or at its worst becomes rather vapid. Sometimes even in then hands of the same artist.

  4. Mary Teresa Johnson-Symington says

    Are you just looking at the object? – because part of its beauty is in how it transforms light and space in relation to the weather outside and this happens no matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you feel the ‘object’ is!

  5. David says

    I’m reminded of the quotation by Tony Campolo:
    I don’t know how your theology works, but if Jesus has a choice between stained glass windows and feeding starving kids in Haiti, I have a feeling he’d choose the starving kids in Haiti…..

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