A Prayer for Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut

Eternal God,
hear your diverse people
as a world unites in prayer and compassion
for the people of Newtown Connecticut.
We pray for all involved in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Bless with your kindness those who speak to the broken-hearted.
Bless the teachers, paramedics, medical staff and police
with courage, skill and wisdom.
Bless those who mourn.
Bless those who grieve
and comfort the bewildered.
Help us each to build a world safe and fit for children.
Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. Susan Sheppard Hedges says


  2. Onno Roos says

    We here in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada are grieving with you. You are all in our prayers and we will be praying for you in our homes, Churches and schools. We pray for God’s strenght , compasion,and comfort for you. We are living miles away from you , but in our hearts we are right beside you. We are so sorry for all that has happend. May God Bless you.

  3. Robin says

    Of your charity, please pray also for the repose of the soul of Adam Lanza.

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