The Cumbrae Revels

Here’s some pics from last Saturday. I was on the island of Greater Cumbrae at the Cathedral of the Isles to see its two new canons installed. They are the Dean of that diocese – the Very Rev Andrew Swift and the Provost of St John’s Cathedral, Oban the Very Rev Nicola McNelly.

Here they are:
Canons in Millport

This is how they process in the Diocese of Argyll and The Isles. (This tradition developed due to a history of Viking Raids, I believe)

This is the bishop sporting a slighty twisty lappet.
twisty lappet

This is the light fitting that I once again failed to smuggle off the island but which I found myself coveting when I should have been praying.



  1. Disappointed in you, father. No pics of the choir, tastefully attired to resemble Whoopi Goldberg in red …

  2. It was a little dark in there….

  3. Tell me about it! (she said, vulgarly)

  4. Despite the gloom, there was no snogging in the stalls. There was too much going on – it was a Eucharist with much coming and going…

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