Cracked Love

I get the feeling that this love heart, spotted in a local baker’s window conveys certain truths that it was not intended to convey.




  1. Similarly, I’ve always thought that flowers function as a metaphor for romantic love rather too well.

  2. “A broken and a contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise”

    Have a joyful Lent!

  3. Russell Goulbourne says

    “Pick me up before I fall apart completely?”

  4. Allan Ronald says

    ‘My true love hath my heart…and I have THIS??’

  5. They weep in kitchens everywhere, in dough
    That’s baked into the daily bread of grief,
    Because of talk that follows like a thief.
    (It enters ears then aims a blow.)

    From “The Darkness” by Kevin Hart

  6. Bro David says

    I think, that like so much that seems to be about love, that it was a rush job and it hadn’t had enough time to be resilient enough to take the pressure being in the display.

  7. Ahh, such an honest symbol of love… if only we’d allow ourselves the privilege of such honesty! Maybe, just maybe…

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