Some snippets from Englandshire

Here’s Bishop Alan Wilson on how the C of E bishops have been managing things:

Bishops sat on the fence for the sake of unity in the name of even handedness, trying to slow everything down and keep order. The result was disunity, frustration and chaos.

In reality there was no fence to sit on. In effect, doing nothing was siding with the decreasing majority who believe gay people are wicked, stunted, sick or disabled, or the one that believed women were made by God for non-leadership roles.

Caroline Criado-Perez on gender representation on banknotes

Make no mistake, the battle has not been won – and I am still prepared to go to court if I am not satisfied with their response. We have no guarantee, either that women will remain on banknotes, nor that the bank will commit to making future public decisions under the auspices of the Equality Act. I hope that when we meet next week the bank will acknowledge our actual concerns, rather than what they would like our concerns to be.

Simon Sarmiento on my list of Unanswered Questions about Same-Sex Marriage

Similar questions may also apply to members of the Church of England and the Church in Wales, in due course, but it seems very likely that the answers will not be the same as in Scotland.

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