Politics *and* Religion – that West Wing moment down under

Here’s a quick catch-up from Australia.

Life imitates art.


  1. Steven says

    Love the way he calls him “Mate”!

  2. Brother David says

    I’ve always enjoyed watching that vignette! But I often think that I need to go and find that full episode to comprehend it in context because I don’t know how it came to that point, how she came to be in that room at the White House and the role she played in the election.

    I met Martin Sheen in a Starbucks in Dallas TX USA once. He was entertaining a lady friend at a corner table. Camera angles on television are fooling, he is a short man, I could look almost look him in the eye. I’m 162 cm tall.

    • The whole thing is worth watching David – not just that episode – the whole glorious series.

      Like Martin Sheen, you too look taller in your photograph.

  3. Thank you for highlighting these two You Tube vignettes.
    K Rudd’s simple argument for marriage equality came over well. He is one of the few Australian politicians who is an upfront Anglican with some grasp of serious theology. But it does need to be said that there is a sense of political opportunism here and I find myself wondering why it took him so long to put this straightforward argument.
    It is academic any way as tomorrow’s election is likely to see him become an ex-PM. To my mind no small reason for this is the cynical opportunism, however much I agree with the substance of what he said…too little, too late.

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