Francistide at St Mary’s

Today is St Francis’s Day – love and blessings to all Franciscans out there and a special thanksgiving for the ministry of the new Pope.

Last year I was in St Francis’s own city – not Assisi, but San Francisco and was blessing animals on the labyrinth of Grace Cathedral with Gene Robinson. (No, really, there’s a lovely macaw out there somewhere who can tell you it is all true).

The focus at St Mary’s this year for Francistide is tomorrow (Saturday).

We’ve an animal blessing service at 11 am tomorrow. All pets and their humans are welcome.

Then in the afternoon, we’ve got a Choir Concert – free entry, donations at the end. This will include a performance of Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo starring the Young Church as the animals.

They’ve been working on this, I gather:



  1. Lovely post….I always remember that Vicar of Dibley episode (as flawed as that program is) ….which reminds us how much pets and other animals hold us in place!

  2. Rosemary Hannah says

    It is a huge, huge plus to belong to a church where there are really meaningful happy things for children to engage with – where they run into Young Church full of enthusiasm.

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