On the List


I got back to Glasgow last night just as the Pink List was being published by the Independent on Sunday and was thrilled to see my name there again – I’ve been listed for the last couple of years.

Even better is that I’m not the only cleric on it this year – Jeffrey John and Richard Coles are also there.

I am, as before, amazed by the company that I keep on the list – this time more diverse and a better gender-balance. The place of LGBT people in the world is changing. Too slowly for me, but it is changing with each passing year.

There are plenty of people who wish I’d shut up about LGBT issues and that is not limited to those who disagree with me. The Pink List is a rare moment of affirmation and I’m hugely moved, as in previous years, to find myself upon it.


  1. Richly deserved – you’ll probably never realise just how many people you’ve helped and affirmed through taking a stand on equality issues. Many many congratulations x

  2. Rosemary Hannah says

    Yes – earned by courage and tenacity. Oh, and skill too. And none the worse for that.

  3. Robin says

    This week’s Church of England Newspaper ignored your presence on the list, claiming that there were only two clerics on it – Jeffrey John and Richard Coles. I’m not sure if being overlooked by the CEN is an insult or a compliment!

  4. I have to say that I ignore the Church of England Newspaper quite regularly, so I probably shouldn’t get uppity.

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