10 ways to make church websites better


1  Include what time the services are and how to get there. If you are making big plans for a festival then make big plans to put it online. Some churches appear to have given up celebrating Christmas if you read their websites. (And remember, people do read websites and most read little else).

2  Have things that are up to date. And only things that are up to date. That means today’s date.

3  Say what the worship is like. Remember in your writing for the web that feelings matter.

4  Use a design which reflects and promotes the ethos of the church. (Pay for it if you must, but really, you needn’t).

5  Think about how to describe what it is like to worship there for the first time.

6  Include some details about the stuff you do that isn’t worship but remember to work out which is icing and which is cake.

7  Have details right there on the front page about which church denominations around the world that you are in communion with and which you are not in communion with, if you think such information is going to make other people come to your church. (Hint: I don’t.)

8  Collect good pics of people doing things and ask around to see whether people think they might be a better introduction to your church than a tired “Welcome From the Rector” message that never changes.

9  Video is good but needs to be refreshed. Every week, if not more often. (Yes, really).

10  Try praying this prayer in your intercessions for a couple of weeks in church and see if God answers your prayer: “Help us O Lord, to build a website that reflects how wonderful we think you are”.



  1. Personal testimonials are just as powerful on-line as they are in person (think stewardship month activity). Might it be an idea to have members quotes explaining why they joined the Church and what keeps them there?

  2. Great idea, Jaye. I was brought up on personal testemonies being part of the church experience and I’ve been interested in how well that has translated into an episcopal cathedral setting for Stewardship Month.

  3. shona lillie says

    I would like to become involved when reading church websites, whether local or diocesan. I’d like to be drawn into worship through spoken prayer, especially for current situations that connect with the week’s news, and to hear music that speaks of a God beyond our capacity to express in web-site prose, however excellent. This can turn an information exchange into a ‘community in God’ encounter. Both are needed.

  4. Church Websites says

    Good pictures are very important. People are hesitant to visit a new church where they don’t know anyone. Good pictures of happy members serves as somewhat of a introduction and makes people feel more comfortable about visiting a church. Anytime I’m talking to my kids about going to an event if they are uneasy about it I hit the website and show them pictures of other kids at the event having fun. It works the same for adults and it’s very powerful.


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