“Marriage is a sacrament”

Here’s the third and final video that I’ll be posting this week from the collection of equal marriage campaign videos.

It is Jaye and Ruth who are a married couple who are members of St Mary’s. They had to travel to South Africa to get married. They’ve been very much some of the most visible faces of this campaign. Pictures of them throwing a bouquet for a crowd of expectant journalists still crop up as one of the iconic images of the campaign.

In this video, the points they make include:

  • Marriage is a sacrament
  • It was very important to have God’s blessing on the marriage from the beginning
  • When you are a person of faith, your whole life is affected by that faith
  • It is an issue of equality and fairness – we all need equal rights and equal responsibities

The first big vote in the Scottish Parliament is today at about 8 pm with debate from about 5 pm beforehand and will be available to watch live online. Anyone still wanting to contact their MSPs can do so very quickly and easily using this link.

Here’s what Jaye and Ruth had to say:

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