A Working Rector for the University of Glasgow

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I’m honoured to have been nominated as one of the candidates to be Rector of the University of Glasgow.

If elected, I would serve as a working Rector who lives within walking distance of the University in order to serve the student body.

The students of the ancient universities in Scotland have the power to elect a rector who chairs the University Court – the highest decision making body in the University. It is essential that students are represented by someone on that body who knows how universities work, has experience of working for and with students and who is able to allow the university to flourish by putting students first.

I know universities well, having worked with student sabbatical officers and a whole range of welfare staff. Having a range of campaign skills that I’ve learned through campaigning for gay marriage and for human rights generally, I hope that I would be able to work with students for a better university experience.

More details and a manifesto over on the campaign page.

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  1. Bro David says

    Would that mean that you would be leaving St Mary’s?

  2. No – it wouldn’t. There’s more about the Rector’s role here:

    I would remain at St Mary’s, which is within walking distance of the University.

    • Bro David says

      I now see that you have someone in Russia as competition.

      • So it appears. The students will need to decide whether they want to use the opportunity of the election to make a political point or choose someone who will work for them and who is available to turn up. I’m obviuosly hoping for the latter. If the Rector is not available then the University Court is chaired by someone from the Administration who doesn’t represent students.

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