Say a prayer for Fred Phelps

wbcsignFor the last few years, the Westboro Baptist Church has become famous for picketting funerals and spreading a message of offensive hatred. There can be few who haven’t seen the “God Hates Fags” posters.

When they first appeared, it seemed to be so vile that it might be a parody, but no, it turned out these people really did hate gay people (amongst others) as much as they said they did.

A great deal of the responsibility for this lies with the founder, Fred Phelps who is apparently now dying and has been ex-communicated or disfellowshipped by his church. Once again, hatred seems to be the order of the day, even amongst those who have caused such trouble for others.

I wouldn’t like to think that anyone died without someone praying for them. So, my challenge today is to those reading this to light a candle and say a prayer for Fred Phelps.

I think Fred Phelps has behaved reprehensibly during his life. I also happen to believe he is a beloved child of God who is in pain and who is dying.

You see, the things is, God loves.

God loves Fred Phelps. That’s the point of the faith I believe. It is giddy, capricious love that gives meaning to life. Love that changes everything.

So, I’m lighting a candle for him. I hope his pain is eased and that he is found by love.

I pray that God blesses Fred Phelps.

And praying for him, and blessing him is the only way to win.

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