Church of Scotland rejects biblicist position on sex and marriage

It is going to be important not to underestimate the significance of the votes in the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland today. A last ditch attempt was made to get that church to commit to the idea that sex belongs only between a married heterosexual couple. That idea was comprehensively rejected.

People with widely differing opinions never thought we would see this day. Though the legislation that the Church of Scotland is now consulting on accepting is a dreadful mess, and a long way from equality for LGBT people, today was a huge and historic boost for those who reject the ideas of those who claim the Christian tradition to be by definition narrow and anti-gay in character.

It seemed to me, as I watched the debate, as though those seeking to promote an anti-gay view had made a huge strategic mistake by going for an all or nothing approach and trying to get the Assembly to affirm only their view.

Generosity won the day in Edinburgh today. Generosity that has divine fingerprints all over it.


  1. margaret of the sea of galilee says

    Watched a few hours of the webcast in (our) evening.

    My own Minister is “There” (Apols to G. Stein) and he mailed “… everyone seems to be feeling ‘pain’. Except me.”

    The general gist of what I heard too seemed to be talking about avoiding “pain” to everyone (anyone) with sincerely held and deeply prayed upon views. Which mostly seemed to mean the “anti-gay view”. Who apparently are really suffering terrible “pain” as they fear a “Departure” from the historical position.

    Is this sensitivity to others’ pain just an excuse for not moving forward, do you think? After all, it’s easier to acknowledge people’s pain than criticise their ideas. (You don’t argue about or feel free to talk people out of their feelings, but you feel fine arguing about their ideas. So if you’re concentrating on feelings you are avoiding the very real issue)

    By the way did you notice the woman Minister who so politely paraphrased your comment of a few years ago? The one about “One might imagine from all this discussion that the Kirk’s Ministers are “shacking up” in Manses the length and breadth of Scotland”

    Miles to go before we sleep…

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