Off sick

Have had an extraordinarily quiet time over the last couple of weeks, unable to really enjoy being on holiday as I was still trying to get over a bronchial infection which has gone on for weeks and weeks.

Back to work for half a day yesterday showed me that I’m still a long way from being fit and certainly not fit to work. The doctor has signed me off today for 2 weeks.

I can get to local shops, can drive and am not housebound and I’ll shout for anything I need. However it is the quiet life for me for a bit longer.

My thanks to colleagues for covering all bases whilst I’m under the weather. If you are waiting for responses from me about anything, my apologies, I’ll deal with them when I get back to work. In the mean time, please contact the Cathedral Office about anything that seems urgent.

I don’t know whether I will be posting much on the blog. (I’ve got one or two articles written but unposted).

This is what comes of not doing the blessing of the throats for St Blaise’s Day…


  1. Prayers and good wishes that you feel better soon, Kelvin.

  2. Dave McCarthy says

    Sorry you are still poorly. Keeping you in prayers.

  3. Franny Mawditt says

    I miss you at St Mary’s, prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery. And congratulations on 8 years of rich and generous ministry to us.

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