10 Things to Remember about Corpus Christi

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  1. It is on Thursday 19 June 2014 this year.
  2. It is always on a Thursday.
  3. It is one of the most extravagent and lovely religious festivals that human beings have devised.
  4. Thomas Aquinas is said to have invented it to bring the focus back to Jesus Christ in churches which were rather keen on his mother.
  5. It is about gazing in wonder – and we don’t do that nearly enough.
  6. Our Lord himself comes and wanders amongst his people – just like in real life!
  7. Abraham (as Bishop Kevin was always wont to say) would have understood this feast
  8. We scatter flower petals hither and yon to make a suitable pathway for God to come amongst us
  9. It smells. Lovely.
  10. The service takes place at 7.30 pm in St Mary’s on Thursday evening – please bring flower petals to the sacristy by 7 pm if you can


  1. Thursday 17 June 2014?

  2. Corrected – ta!

  3. Lovely post

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