Pride Meeting Point – A Correction

This coming Saturday there will be a Pride march in Glasgow. There will be a gathering of Scottish Episcopalians (and friends) marching together in glad array.

Last week I announced that we would meet at the southern end of the Wiggly Bridge (which is the Tradeston Pedestrian Bridge), which is not the Squinty Bridge (which is in fact the Clyde Arc).

However, it has since been pointed out to me that there is no Wiggly Bridge (which is the Tradeston Pedestrian Bridge) in Glasgow. The bridge that we will meet by is the Squiggly Bridge and it is in fact called the Tradeston Bridge, not the Tradeston Pedestrian Bridge.

We will continue not to meet anywhere near the Squinty Bridge.

Is that clear?

The muster time is 0915.

[Photo from David Brossard – (c) Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic]


  1. So is that one in your picture the correct bridge at which to meet, regardless of appellation?

  2. It is. We meet on the South Side. My apologies for that. It is beyond my control.

  3. good luck to you all with that!
    Adelaide (South Australia) has just got a new bridge which seems both squiggly and wiggly
    But along a spectacular riverscape which includes view of the famous Adelaide Oval, St Peter’s Cathedral and the Adelaide Festival Centre it looks pretty good

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