Come out and carry on

Today has been designated as National Coming Out Day.

There’s been so much going on recently in the media and social media about gay bishops in the Church of England.

This seems to me to say it in a more elegant way than all the letters to the press, editorials, blog posts and twitter posts by the score.

come out and carry on


  1. Emlyn Williams says

    Couldn’t you find a nice mitre to replace the crown? 😉

  2. Dharma Nicodemus Cuthbert says

    Just another day to be forgotten about, by the majority of straight people. Like the 1st of December, I half jokingly asked my rector which colour I should dye my hair on the 1st, pink or purple he immediately said purple. I asked why then he reminded that it was Advent, I had to explain why I had thought of pink. He didn’t know that the 1st of Dec was the world’s hiv/aids day, we both were seeing the day from completely different angels.
    I was surprised that the day wasn’t known to him, he’s not that old.. Anyway way I could experiment and see what happens.

    • What a lovely thought, that there are different angels dedicated to the celebration of Advent and to the care of people in various states of sickness and health! A felicitous typo.

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