Somewhere over the rainbow


I’ve just heard that I’ve been included in the Independent on Sunday’s Rainbow List. This is the new name for the Pink List – a list of gay, lesbian, bi and trans people whom the newspaper wants to celebrate as people who have made a difference in the past year.

To be honest I’m surprised to be included again – I’ve been on the Pink List for the last few years and was really expecting to be nudged out of the way this year. But there I am and they’ve very kindly bumped me up over fifty places to number 34 and I’m in company that takes my breath away.

It is great to see Vicky Beeching, Richard Coles and Colin Coward on there too, Bishop Alan Wilson heading the straight allies list, Jeremy Pemberton listed as one to watch and it isn’t too difficult to think of other heroes in the church who haven’t been listed this time around.

I’ll be looking forward to meeting others who make a difference at the Rainbow List Party which takes place in London this week. Congratulations to everyone on the list and to everyone who was nominated. The world is changing. It isn’t changing fast enough for my liking, particularly in the church, but there’s much to celebrate and much to give thanks for. We shall overcome, one day.

I remember when I was first named on the Pink List – it meant a lot, to be honest. You don’t get many thankyous for relentlessly going on about LGBT equality issues in the church. To have been named again a couple of times and again today is a great honour.

My thanks to those who nominated me and those who quietly (and sometimes noisily) support me in this area of my life.

You could say I’m over the moon.

You could say I’m somewhere over the rainbow.


  1. Matthew Pemble says

    Does this mean a leprechaun suit for Provincial Synod next year?

  2. Congratulations!
    Charlie – sometime a member at St. Mary’s now Vicar of Blacklands, Hastings.

  3. Rosemary Hannah says

    Well done – delighted for you and proud of you.

  4. Gillian Hollis says

    Congratulations Kelvin on being ‘bumped’ up the ‘Rainbow’ list to number 34. As the mother of a gay son I really value your consistent stance against the prejudice against the LGBT community that sadly there still is within the Anglican communion. Bless you.

  5. A big YES for the Scottish Episcopal Church! Greetings from Aotearoa/NZ

  6. Congratulations on your successful rise in the Rainbow Listing.
    I have an idea of how it feels to be honest with yourself and those around you. Like many teenagers being gay, 1970s, was not to be mentioned, I moved to London for 30 years, and returned about 5 years ago. I returned to the Christian life in 2012. I lived in Inverness, but moved to Dingwall to study Theology. The way I look now has been commented on, one tutor was curious about gay men. He is a minister originally from Lewis, he first asked me if I minded talking about myself. Puleese a mid 50s Queen, I need to be told when too stop. He asked me a few pertinent questions about what it’s like, how long had I known, etc.
    So that to me is as important as talking about God, too someone who has a keen interest in the Lord.
    As usual I have written a small pamphlet, I wish you all the best and may God bless you and be with you now and forever more. Amen

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