Prayers at a time of tragedy

As I write this I’m hearing and seeing the news of the tragedy in George Square involving a bin lorry, unfold on twitter and news services. The accident is just about a 100 yards away from the Diocesan Office, an area I know well.

My thoughts and prayers are there and it is hard not to think that I’ll know someone who was in the square at the time it happened this afternoon.

Eternal God
at this time of bewildering tragedy in the city
help us to pray for those involved.
For those in hospital, for those who have died,
for those who rescue, for those who comfort,
for medical staff and for witnesses passing,
for all who wonder why.

Lord in your mercy.
Hear our prayer.


  1. Linda Watson says

    It’s hard to imagine that only a few hours ago I was in your beautiful church in that wonderful city that sometimes I think of as mine. My heart and my prayers go out to all the families of the bereaved and injured tonight.
    “Rest eternal Lord, grant unto them and may light perpetual shine upon them”

  2. Diane says

    Amen. And yet again the people of Glasgow showed themsleves at their warm-hearted best, with unsolicited offers of practical help.

  3. The Revd Tom Green says

    Thank you for this prayer Kelvin.
    Here in Australia the week before last, a guy dressed as a Muslim (and was in fact one) held a lot of people hostage in a very posh but well-patronised cafe in the business/law precinct the city of Sydney. He had a lot of irrational demands. It was a very well-planned and he held up the people and the city in terror for 12+ hours. He was actually a bully and unhinged mentally. In the end the police broke in and in the ensuing gun battle 2 people were killed by the gunmman then the gunman himself.
    We lie quietly here in Australia with relatively little racial violence (but lots of domestic violence -the gunman had heaps of charges)
    We understand this incident does not equate with what happened in your city
    or to the schhool-children in Pakistan but it stunned us.

    So I thank you for your skill to put this simple prayer together.

    • Thanks Tom – we were all watching and praying along with those in Sydney last week. These events are world events. Paradoxically they bring us together.

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