How it feels to be gay in the Scottish Episcopal Church


I’m aware that this cartoon was drawn for another situation. However, this is kind of how it feels to be gay in the Scottish Episcopal Church at the moment. My guess is that other people feel it too.

We need to pray for a different style of leadership.


My thanks to Dave Walker for making this and other great cartoons available to post occasionally on blogs and to Andrew Swift who drew my attention to it.


  1. It’s a great cartoon. I’m sure many sitting in the pews also feel the same way.
    George Herbert’s “less than the least of God’s mercies” springs to mind.

  2. Kennedy says

    I came across this quote from David Runcon on Thinking Anglicans in the thread about the Green report receiving the Golden Flannel award from the FT, but it seems to apply elsewhere as well:

    “…But a basic principle of implementing any organisational change is that ‘the process is part of the content’. In fact the experience of the process determines to a significant degree how the content is received and whether it is trusted. The process here has been disastrous and inept and it is hardly surprising that a church already anxious and under great pressure should be reacting so strongly against it. Without careful process, change is experienced as coercive and even bullying.”

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