It is a justice issue, isn’t it?

The question is this – is LGBT inclusion a justice issue or isn’t it?

If we think it is a justice issue then we pray about it in church, right?

Those two questions feel to me a little uncomfortable.

We pray readily in churches up and down the land about justice issues – we pray about poverty, we pray for those who are down on their luck, we pray about homelessness. Increasingly (though still not that often) we pray about climate change.

If we believe LGBT inclusion is a justice issue (rather than a tricky and embarrassing disagreement) then we’ll pray about it, won’t we? In intercessions. In church. At the mass.

Won’t we?

Here’s a notice announcing a special service which has been organised by Changing Attitude Scotland to do just that.


The celebrant will be the Rev Kirstin Freeman. Others are very welcome to copy this idea. Anyone can have a Eucharist for Change.

But my question is really about regular weekly services.

We will pray. Won’t we?

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