Silence is Golden

Forum on Silence from St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow on Vimeo.

Somehow I managed to forget to publish this video on the blog but it is worth taking a look. It came from a forum conversation that I had with the Vice Provost, Cedric Blakey the other week.

The point of this was to have a public chat about the way Cedric prays. One of the odd things about church is that individuals very rarely talk about their own personal spirituality and I was grateful to Cedric for being so open to having this discussion.

We talk about this and also about:

  • whether God dictates answers to us
  • how breathing is integral to prayer
  • how to teach someone to pray
  • if you fall asleep whilst doing breathing exercises is that a sign of it working?
  • do single people need to spend time in silence?
  • how silence is golden.

The video is a fairly short forum conversation – just 20 minutes.

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