Inspirational Conversations: How to change the world

Last week I had some inspirational conversations on Sunday with David Kenvyn, who is the verger at St Mary’s and one of the servers.

David was talking about his involvement in the anti-apartheid movement.

Now, lots of people in the UK can rightly think of themselves as part of that struggle, but David has been stuck right into it all his life. Indeed, he had first hand memories of Nelson Mandela and Trevor Huddleston.

I found the whole conversation hugely inspiring and made me think a lot about the amazing gifts that people have to offer around the altar in St Mary’s.

If you want a bit of inspiration, take a look at the videos.

Forum conversation with David Kenvyn, talking about his involvement with the Anti-Apartheid Movement in South Africa.

Forum conversation with David Kenvyn, discussing setting up libraries and sending books to South Africa.


  1. Great stuff!
    A deep reminder of how the Church is full of great people who are deeply faithful, who have caught the profundity of the social Gospel, and who love being Christian (and Anglican/Episcopalian); and whose lives are lived out not just as servers or choristers but as men and women who “bring the whole of their life to the altar”
    Our parish in Adelaide ( affirms that Anglo-Catholics love being High Church, but we love even more caring for the poor

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