Joyful Songs of Praise

Was delighted to be on Songs of Praise yesterday along with two members of the congregation who were talking about the blessing of their civil partnership last year which was part of their journey into marriage.

I think I’ve had more feedback from this than any other piece of broadcasting I’ve ever done, overwhelmingly positive. A couple of grumpy people contacted me by email to express their concern but the rest, particularly from colleages and friends in England was hugely supportive.

Take a look here:


  1. Alan McCulloch says

    Great to see love at last being put at the heart of human relationships. Splendidly uplifting clip.

  2. Diane Ashton says

    Lovely story, and so good to see love driving change. Shalom!

  3. Peggy Brown says

    I remember being there when Nelson and Derek made their vows to each other. It was a very moving ceremony, and although not a “marriage” in the old definition of the word, it was just as sincere and meaningful to those two as any other wedding that I have been at. I feel honoured to have be there.

    Kelvin, what you said on “Songs of Praise” summed it all up beautifully.

  4. The cathedral is very beautiful. And so was everything about this segment for “Songs of Praise”!

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