The Hegemony Asserts Itself

Every day, the straight heterosexist hegemony manages to find new ways to assert its dominance over all who do not share its presumptions.

Today, hangers on the back of an hotel room door.

Every day something different.



  1. Oh I do like “an hotel”. But why do identical hangers have to be differentiated?

  2. Junia says

    One doesn’t like to think about what might result if clothes were hung on the wrong hook!

    Then again, as a woman who wears clothes usually found in the ‘mens’ section, would I just have to leave mine on the floor?

  3. Priscilla White says

    That’s bonkers. As a straight customers woman I’d probably deliberately hang my stuff on the ‘wrong ‘ one

  4. Priscilla White says

    Kelvin it should say cis predictive text strikes again

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