This ain’t persecution

persecution 2

Getting a religious ad “banned” by a company that doesn’t show religious advertisements is evidence not of religious persecution but of the idiocy of the Church of England’s press office.

We should be thanking God that religious (and political) ads are banned in cinemas.


  1. Yep. And I think that the Primus has got it badly wrong in responding to this one.

  2. Graham Evans says

    Allowing political and religious ad would turn us into another US, where political and religious “debate” centres on who can raise, or already has, the most money.

  3. Ross Kennedy says

    Oh yes, and while we’re at it we had better ban all films from public showing which contain any religious content – eg: ‘Schindlers List’, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Magdalen Sisters’, ‘Fury’, ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘Doubt’, etc,etc. We should not risk offending anyone should we? Idiocy – whose idiocy?

  4. Surely wanting political and religious ads banned from cinemas is about good taste rather than offence.

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