New Year Predictions 2016

  1. Following recent revelations, this will be the year that former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey finally shuts up. Expect no silly press releases on the eve of Church of England Synod. (From Carey anyway).
  2. The Columba Declaration recently leaked to the press will not in fact be adopted unamended by both the Church of Scotland General Assembly in May and by the Church of England General Synod in February.
  3. Solid vote in favour of first reading of legislation for removal of definition of marriage from the canons of the Scottish Episcopal Church opening the way towards a final vote in 2017.
  4. The Anglican Communion will move back towards being a fellowship of autonomous churches following the Primates’ Conference in January. Justin Welby will do the right thing for the wrong reasons. (ie he will accept the inevitable loosening of ties that stems from the global domination fantasies of his predecessors but not speak up for LGBT friendly churches).
  5. The SNP will win a landslide in the Holyrood Election. There will be UKIP representation in Holyrood for the first time.
  6. The SNP will continue to work for their preferred outcome in the European Union referendum – an overall majority in the UK in favour of staying in, a massive majority in Scotland for staying in and a majority in England for leaving the EU.
  7. The Democrats will retain the White House.
  8. Jeremy Corbyn will still be Labour Party leader by the end of 2016 and become a little more popular within the Labour Party the longer he is there.  The Labour Party will still seem unelectable at the end of the year. No major defections along the way. (There’s nowhere to go).
  9. A successful cyber terrorist attack on a major Western financial institution. (It is only a matter of time).
  10. Amateur drone crash causing loss of life.
  11. 3D printed food experiments in restaurants.
  12. More major news outlets closing down the comments sections on their websites as open comments become unmanagable.


  1. Malcolm says

    Number One only works if George Carey is capable of a) self-awareness and b) shame. There is no evidence to support either.

  2. We can hope you are right about #4.

    Because of #2, I hope your prediction about #4 is not a fond thing, vainly invented, grounded on no hope of things seen in light of actual events.

    Those of us in the US are always wonder what the ABC is up to when stepping over borders.

  3. Meg Rosenfeld says

    I fervently hope that #7 turns out to be the case. It wouldn’t hurt to have a Democratic majority in Congress again, either.

  4. So true – delayed at Heathrow for nearly an hour because a drone was in out flight path.. maybe a plane will be hit and then they will legislate.

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