A Welcome Forest of Deans

Last weekend an open letter emerged from within the Church of England which asked the two archbishops in England to take a message to the Primates’ Conference acknowledging that the Church has failed in its duty of care to LGBTI members of the Body of Christ worldwide and calling for repentance.

The whole letter is here: https://lettertoarchbishops.wordpress.com/

Others were asked to sign it to show their support and my name was one of the first to be added on Sunday morning when I heard about it. (It was addressed to Our Archbishops which was a bit problematic but sometimes you just have to go with the spirit rather than the letter of the law).

I was particularly encouraged to see that this letter originated from a couple of people from within the Evangelical tradition in the church.

I was also encouraged to see how many Deans of Cathedrals in England had signed the letter.

Here’s a map showing in green those deans who have signed.

There may be errors to correct or amendments to make – please let me know in the comments below. Nothing should be presumed about the red dots other than that there doesn’t seem to be a record of a dean there who has signed. Some cathedrals may be looking for a dean and some deans may be out of contact and not have heard about it. Some names may yet be added.

I believe that Durham has no dean in post at present so have marked that in a different colour. I’ll change any others that are like that if anyone lets me know in the comments below.

There are two cathedrals in London which seem to be on top of one another on the map – both of them are marked in green.

Rather encouraging to see the green shoots of inclusion springing up, I think and to see leadership coming from England’s cathedrals.

[google_maps id=”14812″]

Worcester added (missed off in original list)
Wells and Durham marked as vacant.
Southwell marked as vacant.
Rochester marked as vacant.


  1. Wot, no Worcerster??

  2. Stewart says

    Not a Cathedral, but what about Westminster Abbey?

  3. As the former Dean of Durham, I have signed. I’ve also blogged about it at http://northernwoolgatherer.blogspot.com. Change the flag to green!

    • Thanks Michael – I’m aware that you have signed and very pleased to see your name there but I don’t think I can do anything with the map other than show Durham as neutral right now.
      If I was doing a map of former deans and former bishops then it would no doubt be even greener. But then that’s part of the problem.

  4. Paul Hutchinson says

    Rochester is also vacant.

  5. I’m commenting purely to say how much I am enjoying the pun. 🙂

  6. Anthony Birch says

    Portsmouth seems to be mislabelled as Winchester, which also appears in the proper place

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