Pilgrimage Days – Who on Earth Are You?

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I’m looking forward to hosting two Diocesan Pilgrimage Days at St Mary’s on 20 and 27 February 2016 exploring the theme “Who on earth are you?”

It is difficult to think of a better week for exploring our identity as Episcopalians but it isn’t going to be all about the Columba Declaration. We’ll be focussing on the things that we enjoy about our faith and the things that make us cherish the Scottish Episcopal Church as our place to live out a Christian identity.

The day will include conversation amongst the pilgrims about where they have come from and things that inspire them. There will be a forum conversation with me about why I am an Episcopalian and how I came to value belonging to this church. In the afternoon there will be an Any Questions panel. Throughout the day there will be gentle worship and a chance to enjoy being together in the cathedral.

If anyone wants to join it, all they need to do is bring a packed lunch – tea and coffee will be provided.

The days begin at 10.00 and will end by 16.00.

If you are coming, it would be helpful for you to let us know – please fill in the form on the cathedral website – www.thecathedral.org.uk



  1. Robin says

    Who on earth am I? Using the Roman convention for names, Christian is my “Nomen”, Catholic my “Cognomen” and Scottish Episcopalian my “Agnomen”. Anglican doesn’t come in to it.

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