New Year Predictions for 2018

  1. General Election in the second half of the year.
  2. “…and as the polls close, our exit poll predicts that the Conservative Party is unlikely to be able to form a new government…”
  3. The next but one leader of the Conservative Party becomes Ruth Davidson MP.
  4. The hipsters get bored of vinyl and discover cameras with actual, you know, film.
  5. No date for a new referendum on Scottish Independence.
  6. No progress for LGBT affirming Anglicans in England.
  7. Progress for LGBT affirming Anglicans elsewhere, particularly Brazil.
  8. Increasing realisation that sexual abuse is part of church culture. #churchtoo #metoo.
  9. FTSE lower at the end of 2018 than it is at the beginning. (7687)
  10. The end of the beard.


  1. Clifford Piper says

    I have joined the Society of Grey Beard Bikers so the beard will have to stay.

  2. Cyril Orme says

    No 4. I must be to the fore as I have 2 cameras that you know use real film.

  3. Meg Rosenfeld says

    You may be right–and I hope you are–about film (which I use, and have had increasing difficulty in finding a place willing to develop it); here in San Francisco, there’s been a resurgence of interest in vinyl records.

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