Predictions for 2019

  1. The UK will begin leaving the EU on 29 March 2019. It will take 10 years to leave, 10 years for it to be evident to the whole country how stupid it was and 10 years to get back in, with none of our current special measures.  (Hope this prediction doesn’t come to pass but fear it will).
  2. The only thing to make EU-positive lefty-liberals to have pause for thought will be the EU Elections in May which will result in big gains for the so-called populist right.
  3. No progress towards same-sex marriage in the Church of England, despite much clearer calls for it to happen.
  4. Significant concerns in many UK dioceses about the cost of bishops, and particularly their spouses, attending the Lambeth Conference in 2020. (Over £5000 each).
  5. Elizabeth Warren / Beto O’Rourke begin to emerge as the Democratic dream ticket.
  6. Stricter legislation in connection with drone operators.
  7. Steps towards legalisation of cannabis  under serious consideration within SNP.
  8. No referendum on Independence.
  9. Cyber attacks merging with terrorist attacks
  10. One of Scotland’s daily newspapers ceases print publication.


  1. Rosalind says

    Already an incident in manchester stabbings suggested terrorism .i have felt fear at times of brexit the far right horrible stuff coming up from the sewers rather upsetting dad was a pow in the great escape 50 of his mates murdered strangely enough march 1944′ he lived through mussolini then hitler.i have heard stuff i shoulnt have the world hasnt changed journalists are much more eager to report on scandel and murder

  2. Rosalind says

    Happy new year to all

  3. Rosalind says

    It wont happen .that is near the date when the great escape took place 75 years ago in a place called zagan .at least the men knew what they were doing although the end result not good my dad opted not to go maybe i would not have been on this earth.if he had .

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