Predictions for 2020

  1. Scotland will not vote for Independence in 2020
  2. No progress for those hoping for Equal Marriage in the Church of England.
  3. Narrow Democrat victory in American election – country as divided as ever – widespread belief that the election was rigged.
  4. Scottish government proposals on reforming the Gender Recognition Act go through largely as proposed in consultation document.
  5. Limited agreements at COP talks but derided as too little too late.
  6. UK leaves the EU and is subsequently unable to agree a substantial deal.
  7. No trade deal with the USA
  8. Yvette Cooper will become the leader of the Labour Party.
  9. Stock market lower at the end of the year than it is today.  (FTSE 7,542.44)
  10. Increasing visible support for LGBT Roman Catholics from within the Roman Catholic Church.


  1. Meg Rosenfeld says

    As an American of the Democratic persuasion, I hope you’re right about the upcoming presidential election . . . and fear that you’re right about the division of the country. Having gay friends who are devout Roman Catholics, I desperately hope you’re right about the Roman church becoming more supportive of LGBT folks. And I guess we can only keep praying about Equal Marriage in the Church of England. Probably it’s just a good idea to keep praying, eh?!

  2. Rosemary Hannah says

    I think 6 is a certainty. I hope 8 isn’t. I think Starmer is the better choice.

  3. Robert McLean says

    Re No. 5, what is COP?

    • COP is the Conference of the Parties which will be held in Glasgow this year. It is the largest international conference on Climate Change at which governments and many other organisations are present.

  4. I find myself wondering which reason will lie behind 1 – because a referendum won’t be called, or because people will still, for some reason, think it’s a good idea to hang on to Westminster rule. And I agree with 6 and with Rosemary about Starmer – who would seem to have emerged as the front runner.

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