Predictions for 2021

    1. Boris Johnston will achieve his longstanding ambition to become a former Prime Minister.
    2. Stock market higher at end of 2021 than at the beginning (FTSE – 6,460)  but higher inflation too (most recent CHPI – 0.6%).
    3. No progress for those hoping for marriage equality in the Church of England.
    4. State based hackers turn their disruptive attention to open source software. (Watch out WordPress).
    5. Donald Trump will remain the centre of attention.
    6. There will be midnight mass in St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow next Christmas Eve. People will be wearing masks.
    7. A rocky year for Nicola Sturgeon but the SNP will be returned triumphant to Holyrood, despite their record.
    8. No vote on Scottish Independence this year but like it or not, constitutional change is a-coming.
    9. Attempt to repeal the Human Rights Act, removing the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights from UK law. (It is a stepping stone to restoring capital punishment – the Brexiteers are not done with us yet).
    10. Legislation emerges in Scotland to restrict fireworks.


  1. Could we pray that the right-wingers (Brexiteers, see 9 above) be condemned to outer darkness by a ground swell of common sense. Once that has happened could we all try to restore the whole country to the EU and that would be easier if Scotland remains within the union. Those of us who have found ourselves on the wrong side of the border need your help!

  2. Peggy Brewer says

    I sure hope #5 is wrong!

  3. Peter Woodifield says

    1 definitely won’t happen under any circumstances.

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