Predictions for 2022

  1. Boris Johnson will be replaced with a Prime Minister who is more competent, more right wing and more difficult to beat.
  2. A good year for Michael Gove (who is almost invisible at the moment).
  3. Church of Scotland General Assembly votes to allow same-sex couples to be married in church. More significantly, almost no-one leaves in a huff.
  4. No progress for those seeking marriage equality in the Church of England.
  5. US Republican Party do well at the November midterms.
  6. Midnight Mass will happen at St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow – some people will still be wearing masks but it won’t be mandatory.
  7. Lots of people discover that cryptocurrency is not the sure thing that they thought. (Losses will disproportionately affect young people).
  8. Nicola Sturgeon will be forced to announce a proposed date for an Independence Referendum against her better judgement.
  9. Lambeth Conference will take place but some people forced to participate virtually due to continued pandemic in developing world. (No new sanctions against pro-gay provinces).
  10. Working from home/hybrid working becomes normalised for big companies. Consequent increase in ransomware demands.


  1. I fear your 3 may be very optimistic. I firstly suspect the Kirk will be too busy trying to stave off insolvency and disguise the imminent collapse of the parish system as a mission opportunity to spare a thought for same-sex couples. Secondly even if such a vote goes ahead I suspect toys will be thrown out of the pram by a larger number than in the SEC.

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