Last year’s predictions – how did I do (2017)

Let’s take a quick look at how well I did at predicting 2017

1 – Trump will become President of the USA later this month but won’t manage to survive for 4 years. (And don’t be rejoicing anyone, take a look at his VP).

Well, Trump did but we won’t know yet whether he will survive.

2 – No significant progressive change will be proposed by the bishops of the Church of England in relation to LGBT issues.

I think I was right about this one too. Some might say that there are signs of hope in the C of E but I’m a glass half empty person when it comes to that part of the Communion.

3 – A solid majority in all houses of the Scottish Episcopal Church synod in favour of opening marriage to same-sex couples. (But I’m not predicting whether or not it will be enough to pass the legislation).

Yes – I was right about this too. Right to be cautious about whether it would be enough to pass the 2/3rds supermajority in each house. It did but only by one vote in the House of Clergy.

4 – SNP to lead the next administration of Glasgow City Council after the elections in May but possibly in coalition with others.

Basically got this one right too – not a coalition but a minority administration all the same.

5 – Lib Dems will claim they’ve turned the corner after the local elections. Greens will continue to make very little progress in a political situation that seems almost designed for them to thrive. UKIP will do badly in Scotland. And is there another party?

Lib dems claimed they had turned the corner (but hadn’t).  Greens continues to make very little progress. UKIP did badly.

6 – #Brexit will be triggered. And we will all end up the  poorer for it. Especially those already poorer.

It was and yes, we are poorer.

7 – Success for the TIE campaign – I expect that they will make significant progress in getting more inclusive education in Scotland’s schools. By the end of the year I expect there will have been progress either in new Scottish Government guidelines or proposed legislation.

The TIE campaign has had a successful year though we’ve not got new guidelines or proposed legislation yet. The heat is going to have to be applied to the SNP if it is going to happen.

8 – Wikileaks-esque publication of details of membership of a large pornographic internet site and consequent sackings, suicides and divorces. (It is only a matter of time).

There was such a leak. I’m surprised there have not been more.

9 – François Fillon to win the French Presidency but Le Pen to do frighteningly well.

Half wrong, half right. No Fillon but yes, Le Pen did frighteningly well

10 – The end of the beard. (Oh, I know I’ve predicted this before but how long can this hirsute tyranny go on? How much longer can good looking men keep their faces covered. Come along boys, enough is enough. Lather up.)

Alas and alack. Not yet.


Overall result – not bad this year.